лого сепия


The leather corporation Prime Material™ is engaged in production and import of leather since 1994. The PRODUCERS OF THE FINISHED leather for Prime Material™ are SITUATED in the countries with long- term tanning traditions and modern technologies — in Italy, Latin America and other leading "tanning" regions.

The latest technologies and experience of the best specialists of branch allow to make the HIGH QUALITY product ACCORDING TO all requirements of the most DEMANDING clients.

Main advantages of leather corporation Prime Material™:

• the certificate of quality of Original Rich™ — is some STAGES of control at leather production phases, and also a constant control on compliance to physicomechanical and hygienic requirements;
• stability of deliveries and the big warehouse program in Italy, Russia and Ukraine allows to execute any order in the shortest possible time;
• high professional level and qualification of specialists of Prime Material™ corporation, their ability to follow world market trends, and also flexible price policy of the company — the most important factors of success of the LEATHER CORPORATION.

Specialists of Prime Material™ corporation monitor all trends of the tanning market and offer the most demanded colors and invoices of furniture, automobile and shoe leather.

The Prime Material™ corporation — is the symbol of long-term cooperation of specialists of tanning branch embodied in selection of the best leather from the different countries of the world.

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