Prime Material™ leather corporation has been producing and importing leather since 1994. The production plants that produce finished leather for Prime Material™ are located in countries with long-standing leather traditions and state-of-the-art technology - in Italy, Latin America and other leading "tanning" regions.
The latest technology and the experience of the best specialists in the industry make it possible to produce a quality product which meets all the requirements of the most demanding customers.
Prime Material™ tannery corporation's main advantages are:
  • "Original Rich™" quality certification - several stages of control at the stages of leather production, as well as continuous monitoring for compliance with physical, mechanical and hygienic requirements;
  • Stability of supply and a large stock program in Italy, Russia and Ukraine allows you to fulfill any order in the shortest possible time;
  • High professional level and qualification of Prime Material™ Corporation specialists, their ability to follow global market trends, as well as flexible price policy of the company are the most important factors of company's success.
Specialists of Prime Material™ corporation observe all tendencies of leather market and offer the most demanded colours and texture of furniture, automobile and footwear leather.
Prime Material™ is a symbol of the long-standing cooperation of the leather industry, embodied in the selection of the finest leathers from all over the world.
Central Office
21-km. Starokyivska road,38
Odessa, Ukraine 65025

Office in Kyiv
+38 (050) 492 - 10 - 86
+38 (097) 865 - 00- 68

Prime Material Shoes
Garda LTD 
Kurenevskyi lane 17
Kyiv, Ukraine 02000
+38 (097) 354 - 85 -33
Zemska str. 76A
Pryluky, Chernihiv region,
Ukraine 17500

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