Grainy and thickened

Grained leather collections are characterised by a textured grain texture, expressing the most traditional type of leather for upholstery. The slightly enhanced texture guarantees greater uniformity, with chrome tanning and dyeing providing softness and suppleness to the work. The range of colours ranges from gentle neutrals to rich shades, giving a timeless elegance to any interior.

Fine-grained leather

Thickness: 0,9-1,1 mm.

Average size of 1 hide: 4,5-5,0 sq.m

Raw origins: Europe's finest

Surface: Adjusted

Coloration: Pigmented dyes

Effect: One-tone, two-tone or perlato

Fine-grained leathers – Natural furniture leather with an adjusted surface is lightly tanned and fixed with water-based products during the production process. These leather collections are made using European raw materials and special tanning and mechanical processing techniques, which have a noble effect on their softness and suppleness.

Thickened leather

Thickness: 1,2 -1,4 mm.

Average size of 1 hide: 4,5-5,0 sq.m

Raw origins: South America's finest

Surface: Coarse-grained thickened

Coloration: Pigmented dyes

Effect: One-tone, two-tone, millipunte

Thickened leathers - the special feature of this leather collection is that it is a dense, thickened face leather with a natural breakdown achieved by softening in drums. The primary processing gives the natural leather a particular suppleness and airy texture. This treatment retains most of the natural markings on the leather, such as small scars and bite marks. The spotted effect is achieved by using a sophisticated dyeing technique. The leathers are very soft, but at the same time have great strength and excellent abrasion resistance.