Pelle Nobile

A delicate collection of natural leathers with a refined and elegant surface, it is rightly categorised as elite leathers. The main aim in the production of these leathers is to maximise the preservation of the natural "face" by selecting the best quality raw materials and using advanced formulas and production techniques, with the least possible processing.
During the tanning process, these leathers are coloured with semi-transparent natural dyes and waxes, so that the natural markings, i.e. areas of colour and structure that differ from the general background, are retained on the surface. The leather is soft and delicate, but at the same time is characterised by high strength and resilience and is ideal for the restoration of antique furniture and the production of stylish furniture such as Chesterfield.

For this group we also offer a variety of patterns and stamping.

art. Country

m8165709 Country elm
Thickness0,9 -1,1 mm.
Average size of 1 hide 5,0-5,5 sq.m
Raw originsSouth America's finest
SurfaceDelicate full grain leather with shine
ColorationWaxed and oiled
art. COUNTRY is a vintage aged effect that gently emphasises scratches and creases, combined with a light Pull-up tint, the leather is lightened when stretched and a patina effect is created. The Pull-up effect gives the leather an exceptional character and distinctiveness. Pretreatment with an oiled impregnation gives the leather a noble touch and lustrous gloss. The leathers of this article are full grain, dyed with natural aniline dyes, can change their look and structure over time, creating an antique effect

m8165209 Country plane
m8165309 Country ash
m8165909 Country nutwood
m8165509 Country cedar
m8165609 Country oak

art. Embossing

Thickness0,8 -1,0 mm.
Average size of 1 hide4,5-5,0 sq.m
Raw originsEurope's finest
SurfaceEmbossments or ornaments
ColorationNatural waxing
art. EMBOSSING – The entire Pelle Nobile collection is available in a variety of embossings and ornaments to highlight the individuality and distinctive style of your product.
Ferro battuto

art. Cabinet

m8169509 Cabinet cedar
Thickness0,8 -1,0 mm.
Average size of 1 hide4,5-5,0 sq.m
Raw originsEurope's finest
SurfaceDelicate matte natural grain
ColorationNatural waxing
Effect«pull-up» vintage aged
art. CABINET — Natural grain aniline leathers with a matt surface, which are characterised by an ageing effect - the presence of a Pull-up effect - when stretched, the leather lightens, a patina effect is created, and then, its colour is restored. The Pull-up effect is created by impregnation with natural waxes. Leather in this category is most often used wherever an interior needs an individualistic and vintage touch. It changes its original appearance uncommonly during use, over time it can change its appearance and structure, becoming more delicate to the touch, creating a worn effect.
m8169309 Cabinet ash
m8169739 Cabinet elm

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