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An elegant collection of elegantly selected leathers of the highest quality, ideal for
for the production of furniture in various styles. Careful selection of premium quality raw materials, strict adherence to
premium quality raw materials, in strict adherence to all production stages, help to create a unique product in its class.
The absence of machining on the front side keeps the surface as natural as possible without damaging the structure's fibres.
The absence of mechanical treatments on the front side maintains the maximum natural surface without damaging the fibres responsible for the product's strength.
This makes the leather extremely versatile and reliable in use and rare imperfections, such as grain differences or fine wrinkles, without diminishing the appearance of the leather and prevent the development of flaws in the grain.
fine wrinkles, without reducing the quality, but rather confirm the leather's natural beauty and noble nobility.
nobility of the leather.

art. Nativo

m8354609 Nativo cream
Thickness0,8 -1,0 mm.
Average size of 1 hide4,0-4,8 sq.m
Raw origins European 1st selection
SurfaceNatural grain leather
EffectTwo-tone with light spotting
art. NATIVO LUX — Natural semi-aniline leather with a slight, barely perceptible grained texture. A delicate surface correction, preserves the natural softness and silkiness. A sophisticated two-colour dyeing technique with an easy-to-understand "spotting" effect - helps to obtain a very delicate and smooth transition from a lighter shade to a darker one.  Historically proven processing methods of raw materials and dyeing techniques, result in a modern and elegant product - a beautiful leather with a perfect and flawless surface. Despite this multi-step process, this category of leather retains all the virtues of natural material - texture, colour, smell and resistance to mechanical stress.
m8352109 Nativo lux bruno
m9024609 Nativo lux milk
m9020309 Nativo lux tortora
m9023609 Nativo cascara
m9020109 Nativo lux grigio

art. Opera

Opera gesso
Thickness0,9 -1,1 mm.
Average size of 1 hide4,0-4,5 sq.m
Raw originsEuropean 1st selection
SurfaceNatural grain
EffectVelvet matt finish.
art. OPERA —leathers with barely perceptible surface adjustments, which maintain the authenticity of top quality leathers. Many years of production experience, perfectly honed processes and precise formulations in dyeing make this category of leather unique and exceptional in its own way. The fullness of the texture, depth and saturation of the colour are the result of innovative production methods.  The leather has the best preserved natural surface, which is obtained by using the highest quality raw materials and minimal physical and chemical treatments. 
The colour palette of the collection is created according to the leading trends in Italian furniture. The successful combination of technological subtleties and effects in dyeing, helps to create a unique product which stands out significantly from others on the market.
Opera argento
Opera aria
Opera hazel
Opera ottania
Opera bianca
Opera porcellana

art. Novello

Novello indigo
Thickness0,8 -1,0 mm.
Average size of 1 hide4,0-5,0 sq.m
Raw originsEuropean 1st selection
SurfaceEmbossing «dolce federica»
EffectVelvet matt finish.
art. NOVELLO — is a perfectly adapted product for the market of the future. It is designed for the modern consumer who are more demanding in terms of quality, style and elegance, but rational in terms of price. The articles of this group, with their delicate corrected surface, wonderfully replicate in their texture and appearance the finest quality natural leather. Perfectly selected raw materials result in a collection of leathers with a maximum natural face. A refined semi-matte sheen, a velvety touch are the hallmarks of this exceptional product, which combines the satin smoothness and tenderness of leather with a high degree of strength and resilience.
Novello brownstone
Novello foxy
Novello spice

art. Sheridan

m8120509 Sheridan white
Thickness 0,8 -1,0 mm.
Average size of 1 hide4,0-4,5 sq.m
Raw origins European 1st selection
SurfaceNatural grain leather
Effect Monochrome

art. SHERIDAN -  soft, smooth, refined leather with a smooth, natural, fine-grained surface. High quality hides are used for the production of this article. The surface layer of this group of skins remains practically intact, which means that it has valuable qualities such as elasticity and resilience, it is very pleasant to the touch, and at the same time has high levels of abrasion resistance. The leather breathes well and quickly takes body temperature, creating a feeling of special comfort, both in cold and in hot weather.

m8120009 Sheridan black

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