Soft Leather

Soft Leather —  is a natural furniture leather with a high-strength coating. During the production process, the surface of the leather is sanded and corrected, making any imperfections as small as possible. After dyeing, the leather is deep embossed with a medium grain. The leather is then coated with a thin layer of polyurethane varnish that is resistant to mechanical impact, various dirt and moisture.


Soft leather

m8010109 Pannakkota
Thickness 0,9-1,1 mm.
Average size of 1 hide3,5-5,0 sq.m
Raw originsNon EU (to be specified)
SurfaceMadras embossing
ColorationPigmented dyes
EffectOne-tone, two-tone, Perlato

Soft Leather is the most popular leather in the world; it is easy to care for and hard-wearing, the price-quality ratio with its corrected face and medium-grain pattern has all the properties of natural furniture leather. Although not as delicate and silky as the more expensive articles.

Combination programme

Prime Material™ tanning corporation has developed the Leather + Faux leather combination for upholstered furniture. The combination uses real leather for the main cushioning elements - the seats, backrests and armrests - and synthetic leather for the decoration and rigid parts, such as the back and base. This solution significantly reduces the cost of upholstered furniture.

m7010009 Coffice
m8014409 Vanilla
m8014609 Cream brule
m8014909 Limoncello
m8022109 Esquimau
m8022509 Honey
m8027309 Cherry
m8044609 Cream soda
m8045309 Avocado
m8010509 Sugar
m8027309 Chocolate
m8030509 Plombier

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