Pelle Prestige

A selection of thickened leathers that are considered to be some of the most reliable, durable and long-lasting. This collection is characterised by a "coarse-grained" front surface. Thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and innovative production methods, we were able to create a product with unique tactile properties. The fleshy and dense texture of the leather, which brings out the depth and richness of the colour, creates a perfect balance between the visual perception and the comfort of the touch. The naturalness of the product is delicately underlined by its uneven surface, while fine wrinkles and scratches, do not reduce the quality, but only confirm the beauty and naturalness of the product. Elastic and sturdy, it looks great in large and voluminous models, while being very hard-wearing and resistant to mechanical damage.

art. Florida

Thickness: 1,2 -1,4 mm.

Average size of 1 hide: 3,5-5,0 sq.m

Raw origins: Non EU (Might vary)

Surface: Embossed "dollaro"

Coloration: Pigmented dyes

Effect: One-tone

art. FLORIDA — natural leather with high performance: resilient and wear-resistant. During the production process, the front covering is sanded and corrected, and then embossed with a "dollaro" pattern. Thanks to a complex and multi-stage processing and pigmentation, the leather acquires a uniform pattern over the entire area. Most mass-produced and value for money
The "combination of materials" option is available for articles in this group: the leather +  synthetic leather combination option. This solution makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the product. The leather is used in combination for the main soft elements - seats, backrests and armrests - which are subject to the highest stress during use, while  synthetic leather is used for the decoration and covering of hard elements, such as the back wall and the bottom base of the product.

art. Imperial

Thickness: 1,3 -1,5 mm.

Average size of 1 hide: 4,3-5.0 sq

Raw origins: South America choice

Surface: Natural breakdown

Coloration: Natural aniline dyes

Effect: With a light two-tone

art. IMPERIAL natural grain skin with a preserved natural surface. Naturally soft and silky to the touch, yet surprisingly fleshy and dense to the touch. The special aniline dyeing method in oak barrels, in which colour pigments are absorbed naturally, results in an impressive depth and fullness of colour. The secret of its softness lies in its thickness, natural fatty fillers and maintaining a special temperature regime during the tumbling process.
A surprising regularity is that the softer and nicer the skin feels, the more distinctly irregular is the surface; the edges and central parts of the hide can have strikingly different textures and irregular patterns.

The visual aesthetics of the natural look, authentically highlighted by the "natural markings" on the leather - vein and scar scratches, bites and wrinkles - make it impossible to doubt the naturalness of the product.

art. Montana

Thickness: 1,2 -1,4 mm.

Average size of 1 hide: 4,0-4,8 sq.m

Raw origins: South America

Surface: Drumming

Coloration: Protective pigmented

Effect: Two-tone

art. MONTANA  — Natural pigmented leather, the most natural face and texture are accentuated by: depth of colour, thickness and extraordinary suppleness in the work. Due to special processing methods and the filling in of natural fats and fillers during the production of the leather. The thickened leather surface is subjected to a delicate treatment and then broken down in special cylinders, giving the leather an amazing softness and silky feel.

All these painstaking processes help to create a reference quality product. The combination of comfort, aesthetics and high durability in use has delighted the most prestigious upholstery manufacturers throughout the world.

The entire collection consists of pastel shades of the fashionable 2020 palette. To create this range, pigment dyeing is used, but it is so light and technologically precise that the tactile sensation remains excellent.