Pelle Vintage

An important aspect of this collection is the use of special production techniques to give the leather in this category different "highlights" and effects that cannot be replicated in any other upholstery material.

art. Brush-off

Thickness: 0,9 -1,1 mm

Average size of 1 hide: 4,0-4,5 sq.m

Raw origins: non EU ( Asian regions)

Surface: unfixed"open" top layer, embossed " Selva "

Coloration: two-toned with special compounds ready
for lightening.

Effect: Two-tone, ready for lightening.

A unique leather that can be aged by itself using specially recommended compounds. The leather is dyed in a certain colour; this colour is then the base colour that will appear when the top layer is rubbed off. The surface is sanded with a board with large veins and dyed in the base colour, identical to the Madras leather. Afterwards a special composition is applied to the leather surface and rubbing it with different liquids (even water or soaps not higher than PH50) will erode the board and get into the veins thus producing a brushed-off effect.

This technology of leather ageing, makes it possible to make your product truly unique and one-of-a-kind, each of the stages in this unusual process being done by hand. A soft transition of two colours is achieved thanks to the textured leather surface and an elegant sheen.

IMPORTANT!!! With this technique it is always necessary to conduct a pre-test on a particular part of the leather to ensure the correct application of the composition and to develop the required colour intensity.


art. Nubuck

Thickness: 1,2 -1,4 mm.

Average size of 1 hide: 3,5-4,0 sq.m

Raw origins: non EU (Indian Buffalo)

Surface: delicate velvet

Coloration: natural colours

Effect: nubucked surface.

 art. NUBUCK VINTAGE - Buffalo vintage leather with a nubucked effect, which is achieved by delicately sanding the front side, while gently highlighting the natural markings on the leather - scratches, wrinkles and areas of different coloration and structure from the overall background. Nubuck leather is a very demanding product. Without proper care, it tends to darken and become shiny in places of intensive use, due to its special characteristics and delicate nature - this cannot be considered a defect. Over time, it changes its original appearance, becoming more velvety and soft to the touch.