Smooth and aniline

What makes this group of leathers special is that it is a facial leather with minimal facial adjustments and a natural, fine grain pattern, with fairly complex effects and dyeing techniques.

Smooth leather

Thickness: 0,9 -1,1 mm.

Average size of 1 hide: 4,5-5,0 sq.m

Raw origins: Europe's finest

Surface: Natural full grain

Coloration: Semi-aniline

Effect: Velvet matte finish

Smooth leathers - the feature of this group of leathers is that they are a facial leather with minimal adjustments to the surface and have a fine-grained natural pattern. Due to the fact that leathers undergo minimal primary processing, they retain natural markings, such as small scars and healed marks, such markings are not considered a defect or blemish, but rather give the furniture a nobility and uniqueness, a phenomenon characteristic of all natural leather materials. The face layer of this group of leathers remains practically intact, which means that it has valuable qualities such as elasticity and resilience, it is very pleasant to the touch, and at the same time has high rates of abrasion resistance.

Aniline leather

Thickness: 0,8 -1,0 mm

Average size of 1 hide: 4,5-5,0 sq.m

Raw origins: European premium

Surface: Delicate glossy finish

Coloration: Natural dyes

Effect: Natural gloss

Aniline leathers are full-face aniline leathers, which belong to the elite and expensive category, with a naturally preserved face. The leather in this article is very thin, but it is characterised by a fairly high elasticity and strength. During the tanning process, the leather is dyed with natural semi-transparent dyes, so it retains its natural markings, all the small scars and bites obtained during the animal's life, this is not a fault or defect but gives the piece of furniture a unique character. Leather furniture is always prestigious and chic.