Soft Leather

Soft Leather — is a natural furniture leather with a high-strength coating. During the production process, the surface of the leather is sanded and corrected, making any imperfections as small as possible. After dyeing, the leather is deep embossed with a medium grain. The leather is then coated with a thin layer of polyurethane varnish that is resistant to mechanical impact, various dirt and moisture.

Soft leather

Thickness: 0,9-1,1 mm.

Average size of 1 hide: 3,5-5,0 sq.m

Raw origins: Non EU (to be specified)

Surface: Madras embossing

Coloration: Pigmented dyes

Effect: One-tone, two-tone, Perlato

Soft Leather is the most popular leather in the world; it is easy to care for and hard-wearing, the price-quality ratio with its corrected face and medium-grain pattern has all the properties of natural furniture leather. Although not as delicate and silky as the more expensive articles.

Combination programme

Prime Material™ tanning corporation has developed the Leather + Faux leather combination for upholstered furniture. The combination uses real leather for the main cushioning elements - the seats, backrests and armrests - and synthetic leather for the decoration and rigid parts, such as the back and base. This solution significantly reduces the cost of upholstered furniture.