We create reliability step by step.

"PRIME MATERIAL" LLC specializes in the production of military, tactical, model and everyday footwear, in sales of materials for footwear production, in import and production of leather.


Since 2014, the main direction of our activity has been the production of shoes for representatives of special professions, we created our shoes primarily for people who lead an active lifestyle or activity: for the military, policemen, employees of the state emergency service, fishermen, hunters. In production, we use only the newest Italian and European materials , we carefully study new materials on the market, attend international exhibitions and choose only the best ones in terms of price/quality ratio

At our factory, footwear was produced for municipal guard of the city of Odesa, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, KNP of Odesa region, the center of emergency medical aid and medical disasters. Since 2014, we have developed more than 100 models and produced more than 100,000 pairs of special and tactical shoes.

Since March 2022, we have been providing footwear for 54 separate reconnaissance battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Our collection also includes a wide range of casual women's shoes made from natural materials.

In addition, we are creating a department of sales of materials for the production of shoes: special membrane linings, various types of cordura, hydrophobic leather exclusively made for us in Italy and much more.

Since 1994, we have also been involved in the production and import of leather. But since the beginning of the war, this direction of our activity has been temporarily suspended, we plan to return to it a little later, on the site you can get acquainted with the projects related to this area of ​​our activity as well as with our collection.