Furniture leather

Natural leather is the most durable and versatile material that can be used in any desired composition
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Completed products

Leather is a culture of using leather in the environment and in everyday objects.
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Shoe factory

Our goal is to be the number one choice of outdoor footwear for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals looking for the highest level of comfort, durability, protection and functionality.
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Every day we continue to develop a culture of leather consumption as a versatile, comfortable and environmentally friendly material:

- For designers and architects, the possibility of realizing their projects using leather and obtaining quality material to do so. For designers and architects, the possibility to use the additional tools of Kojual to work with their clients.

- For artists - the opportunity to translate their work into interiors and meet a potential client.

- For the craftsman of individual production - the opportunity to obtain high-quality material for their work, new ideas for creativity, potential customers, the ability to sell their products through the retail network of KOJUAL.

- For furniture manufacturers - quality materials, sales through a network of retail outlets, orders from designers.

- For restaurateurs and hoteliers - quality materials, access to a wide range of solutions and contacts with professional designers and architects, capable of implementing the chosen solution or create a custom one.

- For everyone - to get quality materials, to make their space individual and unique, to enhance their horizons.

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